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Alex Teamer

A force to be reckoned with, producer/engineer/composer/musician Alex Teamer (ATEAM) grew up surrounded by music. By age 13, ATEAM was running sound, playing keyboards and recording demos for various groups around Orlando, FL. Taking his passion to the next level, he graduated with honors from A.R.T.I. (Audio Recording Technical Institute) and, after working with the independent production company Nue Sound Entertainment, opened Studio 7 in Los Angeles. ATEAM recently teamed up with longtime friends, leading R&B singer-songwriter and guitarist Colby O'Donis and award-winning R&B artist Akon, for O'Donis' new album. Alex Teamer and KRK Speakers He has also worked on projects with leading R&B, hip-hop and jazz artists Xzibit, Lauryn Hill, Teddy Riley, Quincy Jones, Krys Ivory, Keithian De Von` Sammons, among many others. While working on his many projects for various artists, ATEAM decided he needed a monitoring system that would take his work to the next level. While researching the options on the market, he discovered KRK – and after a demo the decision was made.

"My first KRK setup was a pair of KRK ROKIT 8 studio monitor speakers with my KRK subwoofer, I knew I found the sound I needed to make my mixes really pop with excitement,” says ATEAM. “Then I added a pair of KRK VXT8 monitors and tuned the room with KRK's ERGO room correction system. I wanted a speaker system that was able to deliver a lot of low end as well as accurately reproduce the characteristics of R&B, hip-hop and jazz. The low end was really important because you want to know that your mix is going to sound great in any setting from a club or a home studio to a car that has a decent stereo system. With KRK, I'm able to make sure I get an all-around perspective.”

ATEAM works on projects that range from pre-production and recording to final mix and mastering, with many tracks going straight from Studio 7 to the record labels. ATEAM and his writing partner Melodye Perry recently worked on a couple of songs for a newly-signed artist, Cece Seguera on Universal, a song for the group Mindless Behavior on Interscope and a project for Major League Baseball. His clients agree that the new KRK monitoring system is making his true musical voice be heard.

"Before the KRK system, I had really decent mixes, but I was always getting the reaction of, 'Yea, man, it sounds great but it could just be a bit warmer; I think you need to add some stuff to make it thicker,'” ATEAM explains. “When I installed the KRK systems, everybody was like, 'I don't know what you did but it sounds great. Everything is out front – the low is there, it just sounds really present.' I told them, 'I didn't really change anything except for my speakers.' But there you have it – the KRK monitors are making all the difference in my sound.”

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