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Mark Henry, Sound Design for Visual Media Instructor, Supervising Sound Editor and Production Sound Mixer at the Sony Digital Arts Center AFI Conservatory

American Film Institute

The American Film Institute (AFI), founded in 1967, has been a quintessential force inspiring the exchange of ideas between the entertainment and technology communities, especially in terms of "digital media". Intrinsic to "digital media" is high quality sound production, and this starts with quality monitoring systems.

Recently, AFI equipped 15 of their Editing Suites with 15 pairs of KRK Systems' VXT4 studio monitors. The VXT4's are the most compact offering in KRK's VXT line, delivering incredible quality in a small form factor.

Mark Henry, Sound Design for Visual Media Instructor, Supervising Sound Editor and Production Sound Mixer at the Sony Digital Arts Center AFI Conservatory, and Film Sound Consultant, explains why they went with the VXT4's:

"When I decided to get new monitors for the Editing Suites here at AFI, KRK immediately jumped to the forefront of my mind. I've used them in music recording and mixing environments and I loved them for the depth they provided when mixing. I thought this would be a great opportunity to use KRK in a Film Sound Post Environment."

The 15 pairs of VXT4's will be put to serious use, as the Editing Fellows at the AFI Conservatory are responsible to post the sound on more than 80 films per year", says Henry. After receiving a number of complaints from AFI Fellows about their previous speakers not translating from one environment to the next, Henry made the decision to switch to KRK's VXT model. With limited space, the VXT4's were the perfect choice to provide the AFI Editing Fellows with accurate monitoring for their sound needs.

Henry explained, "With the KRK speakers in place, production has definitely improved and now Fellows can plan how to attack the post audio on their films. From synchronizing dailies, to placing sound effects and planning ADR, the clarity provided by KRK speakers is top notch… And did I mention they look cool too?"

His praise for the VXT monitors didn't stop there as he continued to tout their, "clarity, depth, and accuracy" as well as their ability to translate into various environments (physical and software).

"KRK monitors have great representation of high and low frequencies. They are clear and velvety and allow me to hear every nuance without causing my ears to fatigue" says Henry.:

"If someone is looking for monitors, no matter the budget and no matter the size of the physical space that is their listening environment, I would advise them to at least do an AB listening test between KRK and other speakers. It's shocking to hear the superior performance that KRK monitoring systems provide. Consider them, test them, you'll end up using them… seriously."

KRK Systems has been making top-of-the-line monitors for years, and has become a trusted name amongst professional audio engineers and producers. AFI is but one of many companies relying on KRK's renowned speakers for their monitoring needs.

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