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Angie Rubin

Angie Rubin has enjoyed a multifaceted career starting out playing bass guitar in an all-girl band at age 15, moving over to a staff songwriter position for Almo/Irving, (A&M Records publishing division at the time), and ending up as a sought-after music editor for more than 45 feature films, including Sex & The City 1 and 2, My Sisters Keeper, Se7en and Grosse Pointe Blank. She came to rely on KRK VXT8 speakers after working on the upcoming feature release, LOL, starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore.

"I was asked to be the music editor for LOL and had the opportunity to visit music producer Kerry Brown's recording studio," says Rubin. "I was invited to listen to the music mixes so that I could make sure we had all the splits covered for matching the film edits. It is here that I first heard the KRK VXT8s. I had been looking for a great monitor speaker for a while and, as soon as the mix came through the KRKs, I was in love…with the speakers."

Growing up around sound and music, Rubin's critical listening skills were honed at an early age. Her work as a staff songwriter gave her experience with the structure of music compositions, a useful awareness for a music editor. While loving the composing gig, it was not satisfying enough and Angie felt the need to explore other career options. Good fortune opened the door for music editing. "The assistant to one of my friends who was a music editor pulled out of an editing gig, so my friend rang me up to ask if I was interested," continues Rubin. "I really didn't know what a music editor was, but I said yes, packed my bags and headed north to Berkley, CA. for the summer to work on, as it turned out, the Tim Burton film, Ed Wood. I am now in my 16th year as a music editor and I just love it."

The computer age has changed the entire workflow for music editors. Rubin now sports three computer systems, one in her home studio, a laptop and a 48-channel system in a travel case for location work. The missing element, however, was a great sounding, sonically reliable monitor system. While Rubin works on location and at studios, she is usually set up in a side room or office area and really relies on the KRKs to deliver high-quality monitoring.

"The KRKs make all the difference for me because I need a director or studio exec to feel confident about me, know that there's nothing I can't do and that they're in good hands," states Rubin. "I end up working in all types of acoustical environments and the VXT8s always sound great. The speakers reproduce an accurate, full range sound that has plenty of punch coupled with crystal clear highs that produce a very up close and personal experience. I need a system that doesn't give a director sonic shock when he or she walks into a side office from the million dollar sound stage. The KRK VXT8s sound great every time I press the space bar to start a track and that sonic quality faithfully translates the work coming from the controlled studio environments. I love these speakers." In her spare time, Rubin is the music editor rep for the Motion Picture Editors Guild, in her third year serving on the board of directors.

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