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Ben Charles

With an arsenal of infectious melodies up his sleeve, Ben Charles is meeting the music world head on. A songwriter, producer and performer, Charles seamlessly combines heartfelt lyrics with irresistible melodies, creating unforgettable music across multiple genres. His recent cuts include four tracks on Disney's popular Shake It Up soundtrack, including the lead single, and a song on the upcoming sophomore album from Hollywood Records artist Allstar Weekend. To accurately craft his music, Charles relies on his KRK VXT4 powered monitors to deliver the sound he needs to write the music that so many people want to hear.

Ben Charles

"KRKs seriously rock," says Charles. "When I'm working on a production or writing a song, I like to feel the music, while maintaining clarity and accuracy, and KRKs accomplish that without fail."

"My parents bought a used piano before I was born, planning on me playing," Charles explains. "It was definitely meant to be. I started writing original music in fourth grade and formed my first band in sixth. In high school I was playing in pop bands, jazz ensembles, doing solo singer/songwriter material, and writing songs in every style you can think of!"

The road to professional songwriting began in college where he started writing songs to pitch to other artists. His first songwriting gig consisted of writing instrumentals for several television PSAs. Charles's hard work and persistence were the catalyst for a successful career that is now on the rise. "When I was in college, I got to the point as an artist where major labels were wanting to meet with me," Charles relates. "One of those labels ended up being a division of Disney. Over the next five years I developed strong relationships with the executives over there and eventually one of my songs happened to fit what they were looking for with a new show called Shake It Up. I ended up writing and producing on four tracks for the Shake It Up: Break It Down soundtrack, including the lead single, "Watch Me," by stars Bella Thorne & Zendaya.

The premiere of the show Shake It Up was viewed by 6.2 million people, making it the second highest series premier in Disney Channel History, right behind Hannah Montana. Charles' song "Watch Me," the first single off the album, debuted at #1 on the iTunes soundtrack chart, followed by the debut of the Shake It Up: Break It Down album at #1 on Billboard Soundtracks, #1 on Billboard Kids Albums, and #22 overall on the Billboard 200. Currently, Charles is a bi-coastal powerhouse, writing and producing on a multitude of major label projects due out over the next year. To maintain his sonic sanity, Charles keeps his trusted KRK VXT4s by his side.

Ben Charles

"As a writer/producer bouncing between coasts, the VXT4s are the perfect addition to my mobile rig," continues Charles. "They're portable enough to grab on the way out the door to a writing session, without sacrificing sound quality. I travel all over, writing with artists and other writers, so I require a portable monitor solution. The KRK VXT4's are perfect for that need. With the KRKs, my synths cut, drums bang and as a piano player, I particularly appreciate the clarity. Love these speakers!"

Ben Charles: (www.bencharlesmusic.com)
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