Featured KRK User Binky Griptite

Songwriter, Solo Artist, Producer and Session Guitarist

Binky Griptite

Some people don't know the difference between Retro and Old School - Binky Griptite will let you know quick! Being a songwriter, solo artist, producer and session guitarist extraordinaire with over 20 years experience, he explains, "Retro is a trend… Old School is an attitude; it's about doing things the way they're supposed to be done." Binky does Soul and Funk music the way it's supposed to be done: dirty, gritty and nasty! He's been around the world as a sideman, performed on 5 platinum selling albums and received Grammy recognition for playing on the Song of the Year for 2007 ("Rehab" - Amy Winehouse). He is currently a member of the world famous Dap Kings.

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