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Boyz II Men celebrated their 20th anniversary as recording artists with the release of Twenty (MSM Music Group/Benchmark Entertainment) in 2011. The group has been a part of two great R&B traditions - starting out from the storied soul city of Philadelphia and in their earliest days as recording artists, being signed to the premier R&B/soul label of all time, Motown Records. With 60 million albums sold worldwide, the sales success of Boyz II Men is unmatched by any other R&B artist. With ten albums, the group has scored 50 number one-hits, and only Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Mariah Carey have reached number one more times. They have also won four Grammy® awards.

Today, the band is a trio comprised of Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman.

Great vocals are what the group is known for and the equipment they utilize must measure up to the artistry of their voices. In terms of studio monitors, KRK's ROKIT and VXT series monitors have been the foundation of their sound.

"One of the most important tools that we use are great monitors," says Wanya Morris. "We need monitors that are going to give us true-to-life sound, but also give us that oomph that we need, to take us to that place, to let us know exactly what we did in the studio. I carry the VXT4s everywhere I go. I put them inside my bag with the rest of my mobile studio and I take them on the road."

The recording process has evolved considerably for Boyz II Men. With KRK "in the mix" the group saves valuable time in the production of their songs.

"Back in the day, when we first started recording, what we would have to do was take a copy of a mix that we did and put it on a cassette and play it in our car," explains Shawn Stockman. "What you hear in a recording studio isn't the actual sound that the average person is getting, so we would play it on a regular sound system just so we would know what the public was hearing. With KRK monitors, we don't have to do that anymore. This cuts mixing time down by at least 50% because if it sounds good on those monitors, then we know it's going to sound good on a car radio, on a portable radio, in a club or wherever."

Nathan Morris is also a big fan of KRK monitors. "I've had the ROKIT 8s for years," he says. "They're in a studio I have set up in a big open room, but even though the monitors are small, they really fill the entire space!"

Boyz II Men has worked with some of the most celebrated names in R&B, soul and pop, including Mariah Carey, M.C. Hammer, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Michael Bivins of Bell Biv DeVoe, Questlove of the Roots and Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The group recently worked with one of the biggest stars in pop music today and KRK was a part of it. "We just did a song with Justin Bieber," says Nathan Morris. "We did an a cappella version of the track. I was listening to the KRK monitors to really feel what the vocal was going to give me. We had a bass part where something was really missing, which was very evident listening to the KRK monitors."

Along with its monitors, KRK's headphones fulfill an important need both in the studio and on the road. "KRK's are honestly hands down the truest sounding headphones," says Wayna Morris. "They are the kind of headphones that you actually want to record with. You have all the clarity so you want to put them on and record your vocals."

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