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Chris Young

Chris Young of Chestnut Studios

Chris Young of London-based Chestnut Studios is an experienced producer and engineer who has worked in recording studios around the world, with artists of many musical genres. He began his musical apprenticeship as a five-year-old child playing classical and pop music on keyboards and trombone, but by the age of 16 was already honing his recording skills at his own home studio.

"I spent so much of my time in studios and with music," says Young. "For me, getting a lot of background knowledge of music as a musician was hugely important to helping me use my skills in terms of engineering and production today. I used to do live sound engineering for bands, but I was playing in bands also; so I had the opportunity of doing and learning all aspects of performance and production."

Young obtained a recording arts degree and then worked at such studios as Hear No Evil. He also put his classical music background to good use, working on orchestral recordings for television and film. His film experience landed him a plum assignment, engineering the sound on such movies as Girl With a Pearl Earring and Finding Neverland at the famed Sony Music Studios in London, where he worked alongside the esteemed Mike Ross Trevor in Sony's hallowed Studio 1.

It was through working with Glen Marchese, of New York's legendary recording studio the Hit Factory, that Young was able to work there on projects for Lionel Ritchie and LL Cool J. Young has also worked on projects for Rod Stewart, Jason Derulo, Texas, Dead or Alive and many other artists. "I'm primarily a producer/songwriter," says Young, who, although known for his film work, does a lot of pop production. "So the production stuff I mainly do is pop-based, and from working in the big studios I'm fortunate enough to have done quite a few sessions on SSL and Euphonix consoles."

For the past six years, Young has been running his own Chestnut Studios in London. When he installed an SSL desk of his own about three years ago, he knew he had to make a step up in monitors as well, choosing the KRK Expose E8B studio monitors. "I actually tried different monitors, but KRK won hands down," says Young. "The SSL was a huge leap forward. I just felt like I needed to do the same with the monitors. I found that having upgraded all the rest of the equipment made me want to be able to hear the difference. The biggest thing for me is I can listen through the studio monitors to a mix and then go elsewhere and not suddenly find that things have changed dramatically."

Once Young made the upgrade to KRK monitors it made him reevaluate certain past projects. "I think one of the first things you do when you get new monitors is you definitely revisit other projects," says Young. "It was enlightening to get halfway through a project and then suddenly open up to a new set of monitors, which delivered more than I could hear before. I think it just opened up the way I work. Since I gained more quality from moving to the KRK monitors obviously being able to hear better it certainly makes me mix better. It definitely opened up my ears to a few things I didn't hear before. "

Young also uses KRK VXT6 monitors at a smaller home studio he uses for writing, along with KRK KNS 8400 headphones that gives him a sonic consistency between studios.

Young's clients are also pleased with the KRK monitors. "When I tried out a lot of monitors, I had them up long enough for my clients to give me a perspective on them as well," says Young. "The other people that use the studio also fell in love with the KRK monitors."


  • Girl With A Pearl Earring
  • Finding Neverland
  • Lionel Richie
  • LL Cool J
  • Rod Stewart
  • Dead or Alive
  • Texas
  • The Wanted
  • Jason Derulo
  • Liberty X
  • Mis-teeq
  • The Stands
  • Jamieson
  • Namie Amuro
  • BMW
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