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Dan Konopka

Dan Konopka has been the drummer and percussionist of the alternative rock group OK Go since 1998. Probably best known for its hit "Here It Goes Again," OK Go won a Grammy for the video of the song, which features an elaborate choreographed dance number on treadmills. Long before he joined OK Go, however, Konopka was exposed to and inspired by music. "I came from a musical family, where music was pretty much playing all over the house all the time," he says. "My mother played piano and my older brother played viola while I was growing up and they were huge influences on me. I really looked up to my brother. I picked up a classical instrument because it was all my school offered. I played double bass for about a year, then switched to drums and rock 'n' roll around my tenth birthday. I've been playing drums ever since."

Currently on a short hiatus from OK Go, Konopka employs KRK's VXT8 and ROKIT 5 monitors, KNS 8400 headphones and the ERGO room correction system for various projects at his home studio. "The first time I hooked up the VXT8s, it felt like I was listening to the music in surround sound," says Konopka. "It was such a wider and deeper experience. Going through old mixes was a funny and humbling experience. I could hear a difference that I just plain missed on my old monitors, especially with the low-frequency response. The VXT8s have been a joy to use. Having the ROKIT 5s as a "B set" monitor has been quite fun too. I'll use the ROKIT 5s to really investigate a kick-drum sound. If the kick drum can feel fresh and lively on the ROKIT 5s, it'll usually sound huge on the VXT8s."

To get his music production fundamentals Konopka studied at the Icon Collective Music Production School in Burbank, California. It wasn't until 2011, though, that he started writing, recording and mixing in his home studio.

Konopka finds the KRK products give him the flexibility to hear his projects in multiple listening formats while consistently providing great sound. "While producing, I will "A/B/C" between the ROKIT 5s, VXT8s and KNS 8400 headphones to make sure my mix sounds great in each format," he says. "This gives me a few different perspectives on how my mix is sounding. It's much easier to control my mixes and a lot more fun to crank up-and wow, these VXT8 monitors can get loud!"

Using the ERGO room-correction system with the KRK monitors gives Konopka a total sound solution that helps to improve the acoustics of his mixing space. "The ERGO really answered a lot of questions I had about the low-end in my mixes," he says. "I feel like I can analyze the low-end response in my mixes more accurately."

KRK products' professional sound quality and accuracy have helped Konopka add a side career as a remixer to his resume. "In the last few months I've had some remixes under the name 'DMK' released by OK Go's label, Paracadute Recordings," he says. "I plan to continue releasing original music and remixes when time permits and when the opportunities arise."

KRK products allow Konopka to focus solely on making music without having to worry about sound problems. "The KRK system I have running has really freed up my whole production experience," he says. "I can trust my mixes now. I can really focus on creating good songs and stop worrying if they will sound good later on other monitors."

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