Featured KRK User Daniel Porter

Sound Engineer

Daniel Porter

"OK, I must admit, I'm no technophile. I don't know which monitors use what crossover frequencies and amp topologies, nor do I know the pros and cons of curved edges or bass ports and their relative positioning. It's all a bit over my head, but I don't care. I've learned to trust my ears, and my ears trust KRK. I've been in enough sessions, in enough rooms, to know what sounds right.

Daniel Porter's credits include:

  • Robbie Williams
  • Lily Allen
  • Zutons
  • Pharrell
  • Bj√∂rk
  • Sugababes
  • Bobby Cook

I use the KRK V6s and 9000s at Townhouse and the V6s everywhere else. With the V-Series, I don't have to worry about an amp, and one less thing to worry about is a true blessing.

They're also beautifully accurate. I know what they're giving me, and I'm happy to trust that they're true. If I'm in the programming room I know what they're giving me. If I'm in my studio in Montenegro, I know what they're giving me. In fact, wherever I am, with my V's in front of me I know exactly what I'm getting. Short of quality fresh coffee on tap, what more could an engineer ask for?"

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