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There's an old saying that blood is thicker than water, and that couldn't be truer for the indie rock band Eisley. Thanks to their parents, the self-taught Texas-based group of four siblings and one cousin grew up surrounded by music, playing the various musical instruments that were staples in their households. Embracing these roots, the members joined together in 1998. The young group started making appearances at local gigs (then under the name The Towheads), and a few years later, began recording on its own. Today, after years of self-recording, social media promotion and touring, the group is currently working on its fourth full-length album, scheduled to be released in summer 2013, with a tour to follow.

"Our parents have played music for many years, so there were always instruments lying around the house," says Eisley bass player Garron DuPree. “It was inevitable that we would eventually begin playing them ourselves. Everything we have learned about music has come from years of playing and recording music, as well as years of work in the industry."

The group's first professional involvement with recording came in 2003, when it finished its first official release, an EP titled "Laughing City," with Warner Music Group. The band's first single, "Telescope Eyes," ranked in the top 25 at a popular Dallas radio station, The Edge, 102.1 FM. After playing numerous live shows and growing a fan base over many years, the group was soon signed to Reprise Records in 2003, where it has since released several additional EPs and LPs, including "Marvelous Things," "Room Noises," "Combinations," "Fire Kite" and "The Valley."

Eisley gained experience recording and collaborating with several other bands well before its professional involvement with major labels. Because of these experiences, the group has been involved in a wide range of recording processes, including independent recordings and recording in some of the most prestigious studios in the world.

Thanks to this rich recording history, when it came time to build its own studio, the band was keen on choosing the right equipment. This gear included the KRK VXT8 monitors the group is currently using.

"We have worked with nearly every studio monitor in the business and have spent solid time with several brands, using them in a professional studio or in our home studio," DuPree explains. “Having been able to spend months at a time getting to know each of these monitors individually, and realizing their strengths and weaknesses on a personal level, we concluded that KRK monitors were the right choice for us."

When they first listened to the KRK VXT8s, the group members were blown away by the definition and response of the monitors. From demoing songs and recording and mixing, to listening back to recordings of its live performances, the group loves being able to accurately hear and tweak its performances.

KRK’s VXT8s couldn’t have come at a better time for the group. Not only is it finishing up its fourth album, this is the first time Eisley has taken 100 percent control of its recordings.

"Without the KRK monitors, the recording process would be unmanageable," says DuPree. "When recording, you need a monitor that will accurately reproduce the sounds of your instruments. KRK has achieved that with its VXT8s. And since we will also be on tour this summer, and have already used these monitors to live track and listen to our rehearsals sessions, we will be able to tweak and produce our live shows. All of this would have been nearly impossible without accurate reference monitors."

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