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Hacienda Post, the Burbank, California-based post-production facility, was established in 1999 by multi-award-winning sound supervisor and mixer Timothy Borquez. He created the company with the goal of implementing and maintaining a highly creative and technically superior operation featuring a dedicated team of supervisors, designers, editors and mixers.

In addition to providing sound editorial, Foley recording, post supervision and sound design, Hacienda Post also offers voice casting and direction, SAG talent and voiceover recording. Music composition, production and licensing for television or theatrical projects are also among the company's areas of expertise, as well as music and sound design services for interactive game and theme park experiences.

The company specializes in post-production services for animation in television, film and video games, and counts among its clients such media companies as the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., the Walt Disney TV Animation and Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts. The company's high-profile film and television animation post work includes Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie and the television series, as well as the Edward James Olmos directed, Walkout! for HBO Films. In the world of interactive video games, it has worked on titles such as Halo II and Ratchet & Clank. They've just recently completed sound design, mixing, Foley and music on the much anticipated theme-park interactive adventure, The Sorcerers of The Magic Kingdom for Disney Theme Parks.

Through the years, Borquez has worked on projects like: The Ren & Stimpy Show, Cagney & Lacey, Hill Street Blues, Doogie Howser, M.D., Remington Steele, L.A. Law and Teen Wolf. He has won eight Emmy® Awards for sound editing and mixing and six Golden Reel Awards for sound supervision and editing.

Video or animation images are only as dynamic as the audio they are paired with, so Borquez strives to achieve the best and most realistic audio possible on all his projects. Essential to realizing the best sound are tools capable of accurately portraying the sound being recorded. Borquez has used many different headphones through the years, but each had a particular feature that he didn't like. Not so with KRK's KNS 8400 headphones. "It's a treat using the KRK headphones," says Borquez. "To actually be able to hear things with clarity and transparency, have them be comfortable and have something that looks nice is a good thing."

Borquez and his team employ the KRK headphones in a variety of ways for voiceovers, dubbing and other activities, either in the studio or on location. "When we're doing our Foley recording, we might think we're creating the best crash effect in the world, but without slipping on accurate headphones, like the KRK's, I can't tell how a take really sounds. They're working really well in this situation" says Borquez. "The cool thing about the KNS 8400 headphones is I can trim volume real quick on the fly, the isolation is terrific and they're comfortable enough to wear all day."

Headphones are critical not just to Borquez himself, but to the talent he works with as well. "We do group ADR here and principal ADR and sometimes everyone has to have a set of headphones," says Borquez. "It's very easy for the actor to just go and trim their audio right there from the headphone cord instead of having to walk across the room."

For Borquez, the KRK headphones are more than just monitors. "I also use the headphones for critical listening in quality control," he says. "In the case where we're mastering something and we've been listening in a particular room all day, I then like to put the KRK headphones on and just kind of listen back in that environment. It gives me one more level of critical listening before we're done with a project."

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