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Production, Design, and Entertainment Advertising firm

Idea Asylum

Idea Asylum Enhances Their HD Editing Bays With KRK VXT6 Monitors.

Idea Asylum Productions, Inc founded in 1996, is an independent production, design, and entertainment advertising firm based in Los Angeles. Their client list includes ABC Entertainment, The Entertainment Industry Foundation, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, MGM Mirage, and Soapnet. Like so many professional production companies, Idea Asylum Productions is turning to KRK Systems and the VXT line to enhance their sound.

The Idea Asylum facility has seven editing bays to provide creative and post-production services for television and multimedia content, on-air promotion, main title sequences, and corporate presentations.

Sheppard Kaufman, owner of Idea Asylum Productions, emphasizes the importance of hearing, "what the viewer hears honestly and clearly without unnatural coloration" when working on audio and video projects, explaining, "audio is extremely important to us in all of the work that we do as we consider it to be a key component of producing successful creative". As a result, IAP has recently chosen KRK Systems for their monitoring needs.

With a 6" woofer of woven Kevlar, 1" tweeter of silk dome ferrite, and frequency response of 52Hz-22Khz, the 26lb VXT 6 regularly outperforms the rest of the studio monitors of its size on the market. Idea Asylum Productions has utilized KRK Systems monitors in a number of projects including major television network programs.

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