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Ilan Bluestone

At the tender age of 27, London-based DJ and producer Ilan Bluestone has become one of the most promising new acts on the international dance music scene. In addition to having signed with the prestigious Anjunabeats label, which released his tracks "Capetown" and "Sinai" to the widespread acclaim of dance music aficionados around the world, his signature uplifting, "progressive" trance sound has also earned the recognition of such famous international DJs as Tiësto, Arty, Gareth Emery and Myon & Shane 54. "Capetown," in fact, proved such a hit that Jordan Suckley recently featured it on his BBC Radio 1 show, In New DJs We Trust. A fixture in the renowned English trance band Above & Beyond's recent DJ sets, Bluestone seems destined for superstardom.

Bluestone's success, however, is the result of years of hard work, starting when he taught himself the guitar and keyboard as a kid. Influenced by his brothers, who are also DJs, he started producing and remixing in his teens. Inspired by such acts as Above & Beyond, Arty and Swedish House Mafia, he has since created his own mesmerizing tracks as well as remixed such dance music luminaries as Paul Van Dyk, Lange Vs. Genix and Moritos. He also recently collaborated with Israeli producer Maor Levi on the celebrated "On Our Own" track.

You could say that Bluestone lives and breathes his music. His studio is also his bedroom, where he employs KRK ROKIT 6 and VXT8 monitors and the ERGO (Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization) audio interface/room correction system. He has been working with KRK equipment ever since he went shopping with his brother one day for monitors. "I went with my brother to buy my first pair of KRKs," he says. "The guy in the store played four different monitors before the KRK 6s, and when he played the KRK 6s, I knew they were the right ones for me."

Bluestone loves the ability of the KRK 6s to play well with other monitors. "Above & Beyond has Barefoot Sound monitors in their studio, which are very hard to please, but I've done stuff on my KRK 6s and brought them into the Above & Beyond studio, and they can literally match up to Barefoot monitors," he notes. "They also have a lot of low end, down pumping, and for house and trance music, that is brilliant. They really have that punch to them."

In his bedroom studio, Bluestone has set up his KRK ROKIT 6s right next to his VXT8s, and regularly switches back and forth between the different monitors to check his sound. "Obviously, the VXT8s are a lot more bass happy," he says. "They're a lot more accurate, I think, but because of the room I'm in, I do use the ROKIT 6s to fulfill the sound that I'm going for; I just like working with the power of them."

Bluestone uses the ERGO system to create the ideal mixing and monitoring environment right in his bedroom studio. Designed to measure and analyze phase/frequency problems within a listening environment, ERGO features a digital signal processor that processes audio to correct for any offending issues. This allows Bluestone to test the sound of his music and make any adjustments. "I've done so many tests with the ERGO where I've made music in my room, then go out to listen to it in my car, and everything I've done on my KRKs just sounded perfect," he says. "I don't have to go back and adjust anything."

Overall, Bluestone has been really pleased with the sound KRK products afford him. "There are a lot of speakers out there that are really good," he says. "But I'm so happy with the KRKs, because I know that once I please them, they sound wonderful everywhere. I recommend them to everyone."

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