Featured KRK User Jacquire King

Grammy-winning Record Producer, Mixer & Engineer

Jacquire King

Talent, devotion and determination: You'll find all three in Jacquire King. Born in Washington D.C., he knew by the age of 18 that recording and mixing music was the only thing he wanted to do. So he wrangled himself a studio assistant job and has never looked back. Today, he's worked in cities around the world and is a multiple Grammy award-winning record producer and mix engineer collaborating with some of the biggest names in the music business. In 2009 he won a Grammy for Record of the Year with the Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody," from the band's release Only By the Night. He's also worked with Of Monsters And Men, Dawes, the Editors, The Airborne Toxic Event, Punch Brothers, The Steelwells, Jars of Clay, Jon Bon Jovi, Melissa Etheridge, Fences, Rayland Baxter, Odessa Rose, Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, Mutemath, Cold War Kids, Norah Jones and Buddy Guy, to name a few.

King utilizes traditional analog techniques and equipment, such as tracking to two–inch analog tape. He combines traditional analog with modern digital recording technologies and plug-in software signal processing. Primarily using plug-ins from Universal Audio that emulate classic outboard signal processing gear, he's also a big KRK fan.

"I've used the KRK ROKIT 5s for a little more than four years," he says. "I first heard them when listening back to some edits during a tracking session. They made sense to me right away. I was using NS-10s and Genelec 1031s in the tracking studio at the time. I'd been looking for an alternative to the Yamahas and soon after got a pair of the ROKIT 5s. They replaced the NS-10s and eventually I stopped using the Genelecs."

When it comes to accuracy, transparency and consistency, he turns to KRK monitors to help achieve his artistic vision. "These monitors are true and consistent," he explains. "They relate very well to what is out in the real world these days. They are not hyped sounding and make you work for a great result which I like. They have plenty of bottom end and when the mix is sounding huge on them then I know they're finished."

And King says, he's not planning on switching monitors just to try something new. "Why would anybody want to switch from what works?! New is only better if it truly is an improvement or fills a need. Your speakers aren't the place to look for creative choices. Find what works and makes sense because how you listen becomes your perspective on how you're achieving success sonically."

King has also been using KRK's KNS-8400 headphones, integrating them during the mixing process. "I've become extremely fond of them," he says. "I don’t think I could go on now without them! … This is coming from someone who swore off using headphones while mixing many years ago!"

Working in various studios across the country, including Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA, Echo Mountain in Asheville, NC, House of Blues in Encino, CA, The Bank in Burbank, CA and Music Friends in Eagle Rock, CA, King has recently moved into a private studio space at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN. King is represented by Jeff Castelaz at Cast Management in Los Angeles, California.

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