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Jim Roach is a multi-instrumentalist producer and owner of Red Parade Music Group based in Los Angeles, California. After several years of being on the road and in the studio as a drummer, bass player, guitar player and keys player with signed bands Jim switched gears in 2004 to work exclusively in the studio with bands and solo artists that were looking to hone their sound and songs. Having spent years on the other side of the glass his ability to relate to what the artist is going through while recording is paramount to his approach to making records. "I am a coddler in the studio. I love and respect my artists first, and that's how I get the best from them. I know what it's like to put your art in the hands of someone who can take it further or totally destroy it, and it can be very nerve wracking for an artist. My job is to gain their trust, find out who they are as a person and an artist and turn that information into the best record I can give them."

Today he uses his vast musical, and studio background to produce both successful artists and those that are up and coming at his studio in Los Angeles. Jim also owns and operates his label Red Parade Music which finds and develops only what Jim calls "goosebump" artists. His time is split between finding and developing new artists for Red Parade and making records for those outside of his company.

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