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Professional stage performer, Studio Musician, Guitar Instructor, Keyboardist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer


During his career as a guitarist, Willie "Junei' " Lee Jr. has contributed his expertise as a "performer, studio musician, guitar instructor, keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, and engineer" to various musical legends in the music industry including Al Green, Muddy Waters, Dizzy Gillespie and Eddie Kendriks.

At age 14, Junei' became one of the areas most sought after guitarists in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. His playing skills include R&B, Rock & Roll, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Reggae, Easy Listening, Avante Garde, etc.....

In 1971, Junei' along with six other musicians formed a musical group known as " The Lost Weekend" who together gained great acclaim by releasing their first hit single entitled "The Bridge Of Love", selling over 750,000 copies. Following the songs release, "The Lost Weekend" appeared on a television showcase called "Soul Train" sharing the spotlight with international music legend Al Green

In 1972 at the age of 16, Junei' was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to tour with Jazz legend "Dizzy Gillespie" & world famous comedian / movie star, "Bob Hope". When not performing nor rehearsing, Junei' spent countless hours composing original compositions ranging from R&B to Rock & Roll building an enormous original song catalog. In 1973 during his senior year in high school, the band directors were so impressed by his musical talents and sincere devotion for the arts that they presented him with countless awards and a musical scholarship to attend "The Berklee School of Music".

In 1978, Junei' left "Gary, Indiana" once again to join forces with another world famous legend and life long friend, vocalist "Nate Evans" along with his Show Revue and continued touring with other musical legends such as , " Albert King, The Impressions, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards, The Emotions, Mary Wells, etc.....

He went on to record his first full length self-titled "Smooth Jazz CD" and continues his career as a world class entertainer performing and recording.

Why Junei Lee uses KRK:

"It wasn't about the money. Everything I've done musically has been done for love and passion. It has to be in you. Back in the day I thought I had it right. But after revisiting some of my older work, a remix through the KRKs changed everything. You know how when a woman has just the right amount of perfume how it makes you want more. Some speakers when you take them up to a certain sound level you feel compelled to pull it back. But with KRKs you never feel like it's too much."


  • Albert King Blues Guitarist
  • Nate Evans Revue (Tribute)
  • The Temptations ( EddieKendricks, David Ruffin, & Dennis Edwards )
  • The Emotions
  • Mary Wells
  • Pop Staples (performance tracks)
  • Smoke "I Miss You" (Kansas City, Kansas)
  • Ajacks (Corporate Entertainment) Top 40
  • Performed for "Roger Ebert"(Siskel & Ebert)

Commercials, Jingles, Proctor & Gardner Advertising Agency

  • Mcdonalds
  • Schwinn Bicycle
  • Marriot
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