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Manchester Orchestra is everything you want a rock group to be: raw, urgent, emotional, and 100 percent authentic. "There is nothing fake about this," says frontman and lyricist Andy Hull. "There's not one fake sound on it. We recorded it live because we wanted it to sound like a band, and I think it does: live and loud!" This young band has created its own version of what a classic rock album should sound like, complete with fiercely beautiful melodies, shifting guitar and keyboard textures, loud/soft dynamics, and an urgency in each band member's performance. They just appeared on Jimmy Kimmel after spending over 300 days on the road in support of their debut album.

"We just got back in town, so today was the first time I was able to set up the ERGO and use it with our new KRK VXT8 speakers. I was shocked by the low end and crunch that they deliver on guitars. While listening to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Baby 81" it sounded like a live show, with real amps rather than a compressed record blowing out your speakers."

Robert McDowell

Adding the ERGO to our setup has just further improved our experience with KRK by balancing our brand new studio without having to discover and correct our rooms flaws through trial and error. It also helps to untie us from the studio by enabling us to partially control any makeshift recording space we may end up in. I have a feeling that will be very useful with the amount of time we spend on the road."

Jeremiah Edmond
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