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Neilson Hubbard

"The KRK VXT-6 speakers are a complete game-changer in my studio. They are sonically beautiful! The sound is so warm and pleasing, as well as having that great punch I love to hear in my mixes and playback. Too often, warm speakers can get really flappy and blurry in the low end. The KRK's keep great tight low end and help maintain great definition throughout. All I can say is, 'Yum!' They have completely helped me dial in my drum sounds, especially the kick drum. They've allowed me to listen for much longer periods of time without getting ear fatigue. This really helps me in the mix and tracking process, and when I want to crank the playback. I love these speakers and I am proud to have them in my studio."

Originally hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, Nashville-based Nelson Hubbard got his start as a singer songwriter in the mid-90s, releasing four solo albums on labels such as E Pluribus Unum (owned by Counting Crows' Adam Duritz), Parasol, and Media Creature. These recording projects opened the door to production work about a decade ago. In those years, Hubbard has produced albums for many top-tiered and critically acclaimed artists both from Nashville and around the globe including Glen Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket), Kim Richey, Matthew Ryan, and Garrison Starr, as well as up-and-coming artists such as The Apache Relay, Ben Glover, Shannon Whitworth, and Jill Andrews (of the Everybody Fields).

His collaborations with another Nashville-based artist, Matthew Perryman Jones, have found their way into the soundtracks of TV shows such as:

  • Private Practice
  • One Tree Hill
  • Bones
  • Grey's Anatomy

Hubbard's first film score for the critically acclaimed documentary, "Southern Belle," was released last spring, and was a collaboration between filmmakers Mary Makley and Kathy Conkwright, and uses a mix of vintage Alan Lomax folk recordings, blues, rock and roll, and period southern instruments to create a multi-layered soundtrack of Southern history and tradition.

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