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Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt started his career as an assistant in the EMI studio in Cologne and Hansa Studios in Berlin. He quickly set out on account of its high quality and tasteful way of working in the studios of a name and worked on projects with artists such as;

  • Depeche Mode
  • Bronski Beat
  • U2
  • Nick Cave

Peter said in an interview with KRK: "Our own handwriting to develop, to create a fingerprint that was and is always my concern. It is of great importance to the individual artists to address and create a special space. Inspired by Others Gareth Jones and Flood I learned to feel and listen to music not only - a gift that brought them both boards and is wonderful for me based on my current work. In the Mid 90's I worked for the first time on a pair of KRK E8 and have since only been working on KRK. "

After working as assistant to Peter worked as a freelancer 17 years in various studios around the world. The list of projects in which he played is long. Ale an extract were gennant: SELIG, GENUINE, UDO, PHILLIP BOA, Niels Frevert, PETER GABRIEL, QUARK, BEATLES, PAULA, CLOVER, Etta Scollo, BAP, HEINZ RUDOLF KUNZE, OHRBOOTEN, SCORE "Baader Meinhof Complex", TELE , KEIM TIME REAMONN, Gola, H-Blockx, MICHEL VAN DYKE, RUBEN Cossani, MARQUE, VALENTINE, ROACH FORD .....

In 2005 he opened in the premises of the famous Berlin Studios Teldex his BALLROOM-Mixraum with a complex summation of Tonelux and a large collection of analog equipment. His mixes were made many years on his KRK E8T, since 2008 adorn KRK Exposé E8B be ballroom studios. According to Peter: "Any further development of this speaker has convinced me. The E8B really enjoying the mixes sound great outside of the studio and this is important. This speaker makes you want to listen to music, even if the work already done. When are as quiet volume of the sound is reproduced perfectly, facilities and the finest finishes in the stereo image is clearly understood.

Peter Schmidt's outstanding mixtures can often be found again in the Media

Control Charts:

PETER FOX (1st place), Reamonn, PETER GABRIEL, ROSE PROUD INA M√úLLER, DJ Otzi, ALOHA FROM HELL, just to name a few.

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