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Richard Earnshaw

When he helped found the Kinetic Music Group (KMG), a 360-degree entertainment company offering services that include production, release onto several record labels, publishing, management, synchronization and licensing, co-owner Richard Earnshaw finally had the creative vehicle he needed to express his considerable talents as a producer, mix/remix engineer and composer. Internationally recognized for his remixes of artists, including CeCe Peniston, Groove Armada, Dido and Róisín Murphy, among many others, Earnshaw can be found these days behind the console of KMG's Vine Studio, To help deliver the desired musical expression for each track, Earnshaw relies on his KRK VXT6 self-powered speakers to create mixes that have punch, depth, clarity and imaging.

"While the sound I was generating in the past was very good, the clarity of my recently installed VXT6s makes me feel like I have been listening through a pair of earmuffs for the last 10 years," says Earnshaw. "We recently upgraded our control room and the sound quality is now simply remarkable. I have been listening to some mix-downs I did on the old equipment and I can hear the imaging and clarity on signals that I wasn't aware of in the past including low-level distortions. I can now address these because of KRK's VXT6. I feel that I can really finesse the sound of my mixes to bring them to the next level."

Earnshaw started his love affair with music through his classical training on piano as a child. Although he focused primarily on classical music in high school, which helped his critical listening skills, he also loved music by Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock, Miles Davis and guitarist George Benson.

"I was hearing music everywhere but ultimately, when my mates were playing football or chasing girls around the playground, I was trying to find some studio at school to sit and nerd around in and it was during this time period I became interested in electronic music."

Earnshaw went on to earn a music degree from the University of London, moving to the south of England upon graduation. It is here that the direction of his career changed. While playing jazz piano for various local bands, he began throwing down improvised tracks over programmed drums to the delight of everyone who heard his work.

"Eventually I signed onto a label based in Florida, U.S.A., had some nice tracks with them, and got massively into remixing, which I continue to do to this day. I've been very lucky to be able to mix with more than 100 well-known acts from all over the world."

In 2003 Earnshaw formed his first label, Duffnote Recordings with long time friend and business partner Daniel Jones and, at the same time, set up a publishing company and Kinetic Management. Realizing growing success with several different music labels and management companies over the next few years, the time was right to form the Kinetic Music Group as the umbrella organization to bring everything together into one marketing effort.

"It was a total marketing nightmare before, so when that brilliant Eureka moment came along to form the Kinetic Music Group, it gave us clarity in what our business was and how it was going to develop and move forward," Earnshaw explains. "As we got more and more successful, however, the need became great to rebuild our production studio and that led us to the KRK VXT6 speakers."

Vine Recording Studio now sports an SSL console and a wide range of outboard gear and plug-ins to support both Logic and Pro Tools® DAWs. Having gear that is capable of delivering the highest quality sound demands the best monitor system for accuracy.

"Obviously there are many sonic variables to consider for a studio, such as the room acoustics, the kind of mixing board you are using and the I/O used, but to get all that matched up you must have accurate speakers," continues Earnshaw. "When we put the SSL console in there, I needed to make sure that I was hearing the best I could be hearing. With the VXT6 speakers, I get no listening fatigue because the sound is so clean. All styles of music come alive through them and they are visually commanding when you walk in the door. I've been lucky enough to have worked with some seriously talented people including Jocelyn Brown, Carleen Anderson, Roy Ayers, Ursula Rucker and Kenny Thomas to name a few, and the VXT6 speakers get the thumbs up! Sometimes you end up slaving away all day and think the music is going to sound horrible in the morning, but there have been no mishaps yet, which is amazing, so 'long live KRK' is what I can say."

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