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International songwriting and music production team

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Tuneverse is an international songwriting and music production team based in Munich, Germany. Specializing in songwriting, production, vocal production, sample replay production and vocal coaching, they've garnered BMI awards and Grammy nominations since their inception in 2009, and are multi-platinum selling authors, to boot.

At present, the team is comprised of a quartet of creative artists, each of whom bring a specific aspect and talent to the group: producer songwriter and musician Zippy Davids, singer/lyricist Caro von Bruenken, bassist/songwriter Micha Kunzi and songwriter/composer Alex Komlew.

Each of their studios feature a pair of KRK ERGO monitors to optimize the acoustics of the room and the sonic quality of their projects.

Tuneverse is:

Zippy Davids, a producer songwriter and musician whose recent writing and production credits include the all-female pop band Monrose, Jimi Blue, Spanish pop idol winner Edurne, and many more.

Caro von Bruenken aka Ivory is Singer is a lyricist and vocalist, who studied with vocal coach David Lee Brewer (En Vogue and Destiny's Child). Her credits include performances with Michael Mind, Phonejaxx, Rocco & Bass T, Dee-Grees, Real Booty Babes Sunloverz and many more. She can be heard on the new album from Germany's chanson legend Klaus Hoffmann, as well as the classical alto voice double on the Samfilm/Walt Disney motion picture soundtrack, "Rock It".

Micha Kunzi is the most experienced musician in the group. As the bassist and co-songwriter from the award-winning German pop group, Münchner Freiheit, his specialty is creating vintage guitar sounds for Tuneverse productions.

Alex Komlew is songwriter/musician and holds a B.A. in Popular Music & Media, Jazz piano, music management and film scoring, and has studied with German film composer Enjott Schneider in Munich. Komlew's songwriting credits include the title track from Tarja Turunen's EP, "The Seer" (Universal), the Monrose 2010 comeback single, "Like a Lady" (which landed in the German Top 10 single charts) and for the pop group, Some & Any.

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