Featured KRK User Ulrich Rath

Executive Recording & Mix Engineer

Ulrich Rath

When Ulrich Rath was tapped as the Executive Recording & Mix Engineer for the KISS 35 Alive U.S. tour in 2009 and the Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour in 2010, the gig entailed the live recording and mixing of USB Sticks and CDs for Simfy Live that were sold directly after each performance.

For the German-born engineer—who studied audio engineering at SAE Cologne and Media Management at the RFH-Cologne, University of Applied Science whose lengthy resume boasts stints with Foreigner, Madness, and on the Rock im Park Festival in Nuremburg—the KISS tour was perhaps the most challenging live situation he'd been involved in. Working on a fully mobile recording studio rig in venues that changed dramatically on a nightly basis, Rath incorporated a KRK Ergo system to create a consistent acoustic environment no matter the locale he was mixing in.

"We recorded completely self-sufficient from the monitor world console, and made our own multitrack mix for a stereo sum that was used for the USB Sticks and CDs. We had a fully mobile recording studio with us on the road, integrated in flight cases and that comprised 2 Apple Mac Pro computers outfitted with Logic Studio, a Yamaha DM2000 desk, a Mercenary Audio Transient Designer SPL for Eric Singer's drums, an SPL Frontliner for guitarist Paul Stanley, and a Bricasti M7 digital reverb for the main reverbs. I used the KRK ERGO System in conjunction with my main midfield speakers directly inserted with analog outputs into the monitor section of a Yamaha DM2000. I measured 5 different room positions in my 'mixing room' (2 left/right behind me, 2 left/right beside my 'sweet spot', and 1 on my sweet spot). With the ERGO, I was able to create a 'studio-like' mixing situation in different rooms. ERGO gave me the reliability and acoustic consistency that I needed, and the fully automated measure function was perhaps the best feature for me in my day-to-day work."

No stranger to working with KRK technology, Rath had cut his teeth on KRK Exposé monitors working with German rock producer, Wolfgang "Stackman" Stach (Guano Apes, Bosse, Emil Bulls, Such a Surge and others) and in live mixing situations at the 2009 Rock im Park fest. "I was immediately impressed with their clarity and how differentiated the speakers were. I liked them very much, and I will be using them on the upcoming European tour with KISS."

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