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You Knew Me When

Although they've been a couple for 10 years, Cie and Karisa Hoover, the husband-and-wife duo behind the indie rock/folk fusion band You Knew Me When, didn't come together musically until 2009. Karisa, who taught music in the Nashville public school system, and Cie, who worked in the business side of the music industry—for Gibson—got the idea to collaborate when they took a trip to Puerto Rico for their one-year wedding anniversary. The lush, beautiful landscape inspired Karisa to write a song, and, as Cie puts it, "It was one of those 'Aha!' moments where, since we are both musically inclined and like to be creative; we wondered why we hadn’t worked together before."

Since then, the duo has, quite literally, made beautiful music together. Their haunting, ethereal and somewhat melancholy tunes bring to mind Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie, but with starkly rendered guitar playing by Cie and Karisa's beautiful, almost eerie vocals. Despite having come from disparate musical backgrounds, with Cie steeped in indie rock and metal, and Karisa having had more classical vocal and music education training, the pair’s sound works well. The band is also quite prolific: Cie and Karisa have self-produced a full-length album, which came out last year, and have just completed a new album titled "You, Me, and the Rest of the World", which is already being hailed by critics: "You Knew Me When has written a record that could potentially be the next big thing to the masses, just like what The Civil Wars did and what The Avett Brothers are currently doing." (Muen Magazine, Oct. 2012). The new album will be available on November 20.

You Knew Me When

In keeping with Cie's indie rock background, the couple launched its own record label and publishing company to support the band. According to Cie, this DIY approach is becoming more common with musicians these days. "There are so many tools out there for the independent musician that people can really create a foundation to go at it on their own."

Among these tools are KRK's Ergo audio recording interface/room correction system, Rokit monitor and KNS headphones, all of which You Knew Me When employs regularly when recording in their home studio. The band was very impressed with the flexibility of the systems, especially when it was recording its most recent album. Much of the recording took place during the group’s ongoing U.S. tour. "We did all the tracking in Nashville in June, 'and then left on the 30th of the month for the tour," recalls Cie. "The rest of the process took place while we were traveling around the country. When we had the chance to be in one place for a little bit, we would break out the KRK Rokit monitors to get a decent semblance of how things were sounding. They were very beneficial. They allowed us to hear what the tracks were supposed to sound like, which was obviously much better than having to listen to them on a pair of computer speakers."

You Knew Me When

For the tour, the band travels in an SUV with a small camper attached. While going though the mixing and mastering process, and when Cie and Karisa were able to stay in one place for a few days—usually a friend's house—they would take over one of the friend's rooms and set up a makeshift studio environment. They used the KRK Ergo to measure, analyze and correct any phase or frequency problems with the spaces, ensuring the right acoustics for recording even in less than ideal conditions. "Since we were moving from different types of spaces constantly, it was cool to have a tool like the Ergo. That way, we were getting a similar sound in each environment," notes Cie.

Having already toured through the Midwest, into Canada, and New England, Cie and Karisa continue to trek and perform throughout the country while eagerly awaiting the release of their album. Once it is released, the two will continue their tour, which will take them down the East Coast and out West. No matter where they go, however, they can count on great sound, thanks to KRK studio equipment.

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