KRK Studio Monitors

Our Focus. Your Mix.

KRK Systems is one of the world's most respected manufacturers of studio reference monitors. We came to this lofty position by focusing on accuracy and honesty with the goal of making it possible for recording engineers to hear every nuance of the audio being reproduced. KRK monitors are tools that are cherished by their owners as partners in crafting great music and mixes.

When you purchase a KRK monitor, you join a family of elite musicians and engineers that rely on KRK monitors to deliver accurate sound reproduction and acoustic precision, day in and day out. The signature yellow woofer of a KRK monitor tells the world that you and your monitor are true to the mix and true to your craft. KRK studio monitors enable you to confidently make the critical decisions that impact the music and audio program material the world listens to.

ROKIT Series


Just because your budget is smaller than that of a mega-studio doesn't mean you don't deserve a great set of monitors. For years, KRK ROKIT monitors have provided accurate sound for small bedroom, project as well as pro studios.

VXT Series

KRK VXT Series

Professional recording studios, broadcast studios, serious project studios... these are demanding applications for any monitor. If your needs demand more power, more accuracy, more precision, more mounting options, look no further than KRK's VXT line.


KRK Expose

The KRK Exposé E8B is the flagship of KRK's product line. Dollar for dollar, mix for mix, there is no finer recording monitor available. The Exposé E8B blends technology and form to achieve a level of clarity and sonic accuracy that is unprecedented.

R6 / Passive


The KRK R6 is a passive [non-powered] version of the ROKIT 6. This monitor is perfect for broadcast and studio applications where an existing amplifier is available.

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